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Please vote on caitriona_3's Classic Theme Two application and mist_and_foam's Regular application so that I can get these lovely ladies stamped! XD

Also, if you have a moment and haven't answered my quick informal poll, please do so, so that I know more about what you would like me to do with the community.  It should only take a second.  Thanks!

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all_my_colours and khadaj could use many, many votes on their theme applications here and here.  Please vote on them if you haven't, and thanks for your time. :) 

Also, when you vote please be sure to check whether it's a normal application or a theme application, and vote accordingly. :)

Quick informal poll (just answer in a comment):  Do you guys like (... or have you used) the YouTube clips in the stamps gallery?  I thought they were kind of a fun idea, and gave a better idea of how the actress looks than stamps did on their own.  Plus, I'm still hoping to convert some of you guys to Bollywood fans.

So far, I've only used them in the two classic themes, but uf you guys like them I'll put up links for the regular stamp group, as well as future themes.  Otherwise I won't bother.  It's up to you guys, but let me know. :)


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